Did you know that as many as 82% of buying decisions are made in-store? That’s why eye-catching promotional displays are so important. We offer floor displays can multiply sales by up to three times.


Customers usually scan the shelves for a specific product. Other items struggle to catch their eye through packaging alone. Even if it’s bright and catchy, it can just be too small to make an impact alongside everything else. Using bigger mediums like floor displays to market products dramatically increases the chance of buyers noticing a brand – and buying it.


Placing goods strategically around a store makes it much more likely customers will see them, interact with them and buy. That’s why portable display units are such a powerful marketing tool. They not only get products right in front of customers, they also give great advertising opportunities to get key sales messages across.


Impactful displays give retailers a great opportunity to communicate with their customers. They are custom designed to stand out and can be fantastically creative in the way they grab people’s attention. And, once you’ve got customers interested, it’s a relatively straightforward step to turn that attention into an actual purchase.


What drives people to make impulse purchases? A well-placed floor display can trigger customers to buy without thinking. They’re so flexible, they can be located anywhere. Whether right in the middle of high-footfall areas in the store, next to the check-out or alongside complementary products, effective POS units and marketing have a significant effect on your sales.

Ready for a sales boost?

Our standing displays are currently generating massive sales uplifts all around the world. A wide range is available promoting sales for Oranjeboom, Royal Dutch and 3 Horses while creating brand awareness for newcomers like X-Mark and Monastère. Ready for a sales boost? Contact your sales representative today to talk about adding floor displays to your retail strategy.

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