We were among the first to export our iconic Dutch beers all over the world and have been brewing, shipping, marketing and exploring ever since…

Well-established presence in more than 100 countries

Eight strong import brands with a growing fan base

Proud to be recognized Best International Brewery 2017

Building profitable business with over 200 customers




Our taste for discovery starts here: our first Dutch brewery, named after the city: Breda Bier



Opening of the ‘Drie Hoefijzers’ brewery (Three Horseshoes) in Breda, selling 3 Horses beer



Establishment of the Oranjeboom brewery in the port of  Rotterdam



Foundation of ‘De Posthoorn’ brewery in Tilburg, crafting Royal Dutch beers



We first introduce our refreshingly pleasant Trio Stout beers to the world



The German Weidmann lager and specialty beers are added to the portfolio



Once part of the largest brewery in the world, we now operate fully independently



We start brewing Magic Malt, a rich, energizing and refreshing malt beverage



We complete our range with Monastère, an abbey-style beer brand



Always exploring new market opportunities and product innovations

Global footprint

  • Our headquarters are based in the Netherlands and we hold sales offices in Malaysia and China
  • We located our state-of-the-art warehouse close to the ports of Rotterdam (NL) and Antwerp (BE)
  • We work with only the best breweries in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
  • We have loyal customer relationships in Europe, Africa, America, the Middle-East and Asia-Pacific

Why Work with us?

Global beers

We offer strong brands with a rich brewing heritage, a full range of high quality beers and a unique & distinctive consumer positioning

Complete portfolio

Covering the full beer spectrum, from lager and specialties like stout & weissbier to malt beverages and superb craft beers

Logistic know-how

Exporting is in our DNA since the 18th century. From our state-of-the-art warehouse we deliver beer anywhere around the world: fast and highly efficient

Real partnership

We are committed to building your local business, by drawing up joint plans to support the brands and sharing our market & consumer insights

Competitive conditions

We have developed a huge network of the highest quality independent brewers and packaging specialists, offering you true value for money

Can do-culture

As an independent company, we are highly agile. Combined with our years of experience means that you count on us to deliver what we promise

Lean, Green & CERTIFIED

We have backed up our business with all relevant & necessary certifications, because quality is key for us. All our efforts go into working with recyclable materials, reducing the use of package materials and minimalizing transport movements.

‘As a brewery, we are aware of our social responsibility and take this role very seriously. We offer multiple low & non-alcoholic solutions and emphasize to our business relations and consumers that excessive alcohol consumption can be harmful.’

Tom Timmerman, CEO United Dutch Breweries

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United Dutch Breweries B.V.
Druivenstraat 21
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